May 30, 2013

Point of Origin

       The usual office scene during the early part of the shift would be teachers eating at the pantry while talking out loud about just anything under the sun. But mostly, as girls tend to, amusing tales from our private lives are shared.

Today, the topic went from the "underdogs" of the family to our childhoods' harsh discipline (yes, traumatic punishments and stuff). From that, the conversation turned into sharing our biggest mistakes and the  disappointments we've given our parents, especially how they reacted.  

One of my co-teachers told us about how she didn't pay the school all the money that was for her studies because she didn't like her course. And then she unexpectedly got pregnant and so on. I mulled over these things for some moments. While certainly not the worst , I realize in retrospect how bad a college student I've been. As she was telling her story ,  I immediately saw how those decision and actions in the past have put her where she is now.

Sometimes you need other people to show you, or for that matter remind you, something so basic as a general rule in this life. That what you decide to think , to feel and do today, will catch up on you later. Sometimes it takes longer but it definitely will. And you would know it. My God, you would.

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