May 27, 2016

That's What It's Called

I am no literary geek. In fact I did not know quite a number of things that are considered general knowledge in the reading world: Like George Eliot being a woman, the Harry Potter series’ general storyline, what the heck the Tournament of Books is and so on. (if you are in any way like this, throw your hands up on me, lol ). But given that we’re living in the Information age we’ve no excuse for not working on it. 

One of the things I‘ve only recently learned (*blush*) is that there are such things as literary and commercial fictions. (DUH.) I am of course aware that there are books that would amass sales and gain popularity either over time or upon its release that may or may not have lasting effect to readers. And then there are humbler volumes showing off pretty praises from them almighty critics. But I wasn’t sure there was indeed an official classification so to speak.

I had often pondered on how I forgo page-turners that front major bookstores and instead dig up underrated or non-contemporary books that have seemingly boring or obscure premises. I also talked about it just 2 posts ago. 

Anyways, classifying works as either a literary or a commercial would unavoidably, call for some disagreements. But here is a really well-thought out take on what distinguishes the two. Enjoy. 

Thank you, Books On The Nightstand. :)

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